The role of each board is detailed in the Constitution of the journal. Altogether, the three boards listed below form “the Board” of the Journal.

Editorial Board

The Associate Editors form the Editorial Board and represent the community. They handle submissions assigned to them by the authors, following the Editorial Policy of the journal.

  • Laurence Brassart [University of Oxford, United Kingdom]

    micromechanics, multiscale modelling, homogenisation theory, constitutive modelling, multiphysics couplings in materials, computational mechanics

  • Shaocheng Ji [École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada]

    structural geology, plate tectonics

  • Anna Pandolfi [Politecnico di Milano, Italy]

    computational mechanics, fracture mechanics, biomechanics of soft tissues, discretization approaches, material modelling

  • Alexander Popp [Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany]

    solid mechanics, contact mechanics, coupled multiphysics problems, finite element technology, high performance computing

  • Julien Réthoré [École Centrale de Nantes, France] (Editor)

    numerical and experimental fracture mechanics, full-field measurements, identification, data-driven approaches, image-based analysis, high-performance computing

  • Olivier Thomas [Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, France]

    nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, electromechanical smart systems, vibration damping, waves

  • Laszlo S. Toth [University of Miskolc, Hungary]

    mechanics of materials, crystal plasticity, crystallographic texture, self-consistent modeling, strain hardening, severe plastic deformation

Technical Board

The Technical board is in charge of the practical functioning of the journal and provides technical support to the authors and Associate Editors. For comments, questions or support, please send an email to the technical board.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board sets the scientific strategy of the Journal. 

  • Pedro Areias [University of Lisbon, Portugal]

    finite element technology, shell structures, frictional contact, computational fracture

  • C. Can Aydiner [Bogazici University, Turkey]

    micro-scale deformation mapping, digital image correlation, crystal plasticity, deformation twinning, high-energy x-ray diffraction, slitting method

  • Olivier Brüls [Université de Liège, Belgium]

    flexible multibody dynamics, finite element method, time integration, contact mechanics, robotics, biomechanics, deployable structures

  • Kaushik Bhattacharya [California Institute of Technology, USA]

    mechanics of materials, continuum mechanics, active materials, shape-memory alloys, heterogeneous materials, density functional theory

  • Sylvie Castagnet [P' Institute, France]

    mechanics of materials, polymers, damage, fatigue, coupled multiphysics problems, in-situ experiments, microstructure-properties relationships

  • Laurent Delannay [Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium]

    mechanics of materials, micromechanics, crystal plasticity, metal forming

  • Alexander Freidin [Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia]

    composite materials and ceramics, non-linear elasticity, fracture mechanics, stress-induced phase transitions, stress-assisted chemical reactions

  • Lori Graham-Brady [Johns Hopkins University, USA]

    probabilistic mechanics, high-rate failure of brittle materials, multi-scale modeling, surrogate modeling, uncertainty quantification, machine learning

  • Dorte Juul Jensen [DTU, Denmark]

    materials science, microstructural characterization, metals and alloys, recrystallization, electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, textures

  • Dennis M. Kochmann [ETH Zürich, Switzerland]

    computational mechanics, multiscale modeling, homogenization, metamaterials, wave propagation, microstructures, ferroelectrics, plasticity

  • Claude-Henri Lamarque [ENTPE, France]

    (non-smooth) nonlinear dynamics, structural dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, localisation of energy, normal forms, multiple scales

  • Remco Ingmar Leine [University of Stuttgart, Germany]

    nonsmooth dynamics, stability theory, friction, nonlinear dynamics, unilateral constraints

  • Agnès Maurel [Institut Langevin Paris, France]

    waves, homogenization, multiple scattering

  • Jean-François Molinari [École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland]

    High-Performance Computing, from atoms to continuum scale, numerical multiscale methods, damage mechanics, friction and wear mechanisms across scales

  • Lucia Nicola [University of Padova, Italy]

    plasticity, contact mechanics, dislocation dynamics, molecular dynamics, crystal plasticity

  • Damiano Pasini [McGill University, Canada]

    Mechanics of materials, multiscale homogenization, structural optimization, lattices, soft metamaterials, kirigami- and origami-inspired metamaterials

  • Pedro Ribeiro [University of Porto, Portugal]

    non-linear dynamics of structures, plates, shells, composite materials, micro and nano structural elements

  • Ignacio Romero [Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain]

    computational solid mechanics, material modelling, nonlinear structural mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, coupled problems

  • Ole Sigmund [DTU, Denmark]

    structural optimization, solid mechanics, computational mechanics, topology optimization, inverse methods, metamaterials

  • Laurent Stainier [Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France]

    nonlinear dissipative mechanical systems, multiscale plasticity, continuum thermo-mechanics, variational formulations, data driven computational mechanics

  • Lydie Staron [Sorbonne Université, France]

    granular material, discrete elements, non-Newtonian fluids, geophysical flows, numerical simulations

  • Qiang Tian [Beijing Institute of Technology, China]

    flexible multibody dynamics, space structures, softrobotics, Finite Element Method, Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics, computational algorithm

    Former members

    • Laura De Lorenzis [ETH Zürich, Switzerland] Associate editor (2020-2022)
    • Anil Misra [University of Kansas, USA] Associate editor (2020-2022)
    • Xianfeng Liu [Southwest Jiaotong University, China] Associate editor (2020-2021)
    • Jorge Angeles [McGill University, Canada] Scientific Advisory Board (2020-2022)