The 1st newsletter JTCAM 2023

We're happy to share the first edition of our 2023 Newsletter for the JTCAM.

As a pioneering overlay journal in mechanics, JTCAM is at the forefront of promoting Open Science principles and ethical research.

Our 2023 highlights include:
📜 Transparent review processes with open reviews
🧑‍💻 Support for authors in sharing code and data
🎓 High-quality publications and meticulous copy-editing standards

We're proud to partner with ICTAM 2024 🌐 and welcome new brilliant minds to our Editorial Board.

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posted on 2024-02-07 20:19:57  by  Vladislav Yastrebov

JTCAM selected as a possible venue for the special issues celebrating the centennial ICTAM

ICTAM 2024 is pleased to announce that a number of extremely prestigious journals relevant to ICTAM are selected for publication of special issues in celebration of its centenary. Contributing authors will have a chance to indicate their interest and preference on these special issues upon acceptance to ICTAM 2024. A limited number of papers then will be selected for submission to a special issue on the basis of quality, which will be peer reviewed with the same stringent criteria of each journal, with a team of guest editors assigned by the journal in collaboration with the ICTAM 2024 administration. The special issues will thus be accommodating the most  more

posted on 2023-12-15 14:05:26  by  Mathias Legrand

Submitting a preprint to JTCAM: a new feature in the HAL deposit form

If you deposit your preprint in HAL for submission to JTCAM hosted by Episciences, you can now select the journal directly from the deposit form and HAL will do the rest.

posted on 2023-12-13 06:16:49  by  Mathias Legrand

The seed of a global federation for Diamond Open Access has been planted

By invitation, SPARC Europe recently attended the Global Summit on Diamond Open Access. Participants reflected on the current diamond OA publishing system and how to develop and sustain a solid scholar-led not-for-profit diamond OA publishing ecosystem. The event created a very fertile ground for discussion by bringing people from across the world, from 75 countries and over 450 organisations speaking in four languages. See the link below.

posted on 2023-11-13 16:53:50  by  Mathias Legrand

Open-access reformers launch next bold publishing plan

The group behind Plan S has already accelerated the open-access movement. Now it is proposing a more radical revolution for science publishing. In case you missed the article, click on the link below.

posted on 2023-11-02 19:42:13  by  Mathias Legrand

Articles scientifiques : nouveaux modèles économiques et nouvelles formes de publication

Serge Bauin, expert in scientific publications at the CNRS's Open Research Data Department (DDOR), presents an overview of scientific publishing: the risks and pitfalls of the author-pays business model, the researchers' initiatives, the CNRS' recommendations, etc.
Serge Bauin, expert en publications à la direction des données ouvertes de la recherche (DDOR) du CNRS, présente un état de lieux de l'édition scientifique : les risques et dérives du système auteur-payeur, les innovations portées par les scientifiques, les recommandations du CNRS, etc.


posted on 2023-09-04 09:53:40  by  François Gibier

Episciences Days. Publishing another way: the epic of Episciences and overlay journals

The technical board attend the Episciences Days. Publishing another way: the epic of Episciences and overlay journals
Exciting presentations and fruitful discussions on the future of scientific publishing

posted on 2023-03-31 10:06:08  by  Céline Barthonnat