Adrien Socié ; Yann Monerie ; Frédéric Péralès - Effects of the microstructural uncertainties on the poroelastic and the diffusive properties of mortar

jtcam:8849 - Journal of Theoretical, Computational and Applied Mechanics, June 20, 2022 -
Effects of the microstructural uncertainties on the poroelastic and the diffusive properties of mortarArticle

Authors: Adrien Socié ORCID1,2; Yann Monerie ORCID1,3; Frédéric Péralès ORCID1,2

  • 1 Laboratoire de micromécanique et intégrité des structures
  • 2 Laboratoire de statistique et des modélisations avancées
  • 3 Mécanique Théorique, Interface, Changements d’Echelles

The assessment of the durability of civil engineering structures subjected to several chemical attacks requires the development of chemo-poromechanical models. The mechanical and chemical degradations depend on several factors such as the initial composition of the porous medium. A multi-scale model is used to incorporate the multi-level microstructural properties of the mortar material. The present paper aims to study the effect of morphological and local material properties uncertainties on the poroelastic and diffusive properties of mortar estimated with the help of analytical homogenization. At first, the proposed model is validated for different cement paste and mortar by comparison to experimental results and micromechanical models. Secondly, based on a literature study, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis have been developed to assess the stochastic predictions of the multi-scale model. The main result highlights the predominant impact of the cement matrix phases (C-S-H) and interfacial transition area at the mortar scale. Furthermore, the sensitive analysis underlines that the material properties induce more variability than the volume fraction.

Published on: June 20, 2022
Accepted on: April 27, 2022
Submitted on: December 15, 2021
Keywords: Sobol variance decomposition,Mortar,Interfacial Transition Zone,Global sensitivity analysis,Homogenization,[SPI.MECA]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [],[SPI.MECA.GEME]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics []/Mechanical engineering [physics.class-ph],[STAT.AP]Statistics [stat]/Applications [stat.AP],[SPI.GCIV.MAT]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Civil Engineering/Matériaux composites et construction

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